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Maximum Apocalypse

Maximum Apocalypse
Maximum Apocalypse
Maximum Apocalypse
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Maximum Apocalypse is a cooperative, rogue-like adventure game set amidst the backdrop of four apocalyptic scenarios. As you explore the post-apocalyptic world, one to six survivors work together to complete mission objectives. On each turn, a player can use up to four actions to explore the map, play cards, equip weapons, scavenge for resources, draw cards, or battle roaming monsters. Picking a unique survivor class within the group, players must plan their strategy while leaning on their characters strengths in order to defeat monsters and avoid starvation.

• 394 Cards
• 6 Character Standees
• 38 Map Tiles
• 12 Card Dividers
• 2 Main Dice
• 6 Hunger Dice
• 42 Ammo Tokens
• 30 Monster Tokens
• 60 Hit Point Tokens
• 17 Poison Tokens
• 3 Objective Tokens
• 1 Scavenge Board

Opakowanie i zawartość w języku angielskim.

Dane techniczne

Rodzaj gry Przygodowa, Kooperacyjna, survival
Liczba graczy 1-6
Wiek 13+
Czas jednej rozgrywki 45-90 minut
Wydanie angielskie
Instrukcja angielska
Wymiary pudełka 300x75x110 mm

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