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Massive Darkness

Massive Darkness
Massive Darkness
Massive Darkness
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A New War is About to Begin!

Three generations ago, glorious heroes called Lightbringers drove away the Darkness, the will of evil, and its armies. For years, evil Dwarves, Goblins, and Orcs patiently waited for revenge.

The time has come! Our enemies of old are taking arms at The Darkness's command. Hiding away in remote caves and abandoned dungeons, they stole the artifacts of the Lightbringers and made pacts with savage monsters. The nightmarish horde will put an end to civilization unless a new generation of heroes stands up.

Will you play a tough Dwarf, a cool Elf, or a stalwart Human? Will you choose a career as a battle wizard, a nightshade ranger, or a shadow barbarian? Gather you friends, build your party up, and delve down into Massive Darkness! Explore the dungeon, upgrade your hero with experience and magic weapons, and face hordes of awesome miniatures. No need for a game master: everyone plays on the same team, while enemies are controlled by the game itself using simple rules.

You can play Massive Darkness's story through 10 Quests of increasing difficulty, or create your own saga with the included modular tiles. Your heroes evolve during the game, growing in power, until they meet their ultimate foe and claim their legacy as the new Lightbringers!

75 Miniatures
- 6 Heroes
- 63 Enemies
- 6 Roaming Monsters
• 9 Double-sided Game Tiles
• 6 Hero Dashboards
• 6 Hero Classes Sheet Pads
• 6 Color Bases
• 12 Custom Dice
• 18 Color Pegs
• 299 Cards
• 106 Tokens

Dane techniczne

Rodzaj gry Przygodowa, Fantasy, Eksploracja
Liczba graczy 1-6
Wiek 14+
Czas jednej rozgrywki 120 minut
Wydanie angielskie
Instrukcja angielska
Wymiary pudełka 320x320x130 mm

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