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Legacy of Dragonholt

Legacy of Dragonholt
Legacy of Dragonholt
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Dragonholt lies just past the eaves of spirit haunted Eventide Forest, surrounded by ancient orchards and quiet farms. While much of Terrinoth is perilous, this village is a comparative haven of tranquility - or it used to be. Danger has come to Dragonholt. Bandits and monsters gather in the forest. And a mystical debt comes due...

Legacy of Dragonholt is a cooperative narrative adventure for one to six players. You will travel to the village of Dragonholt, meet an old friend, embark on adventures, and save the day - or not- as you make choices and test your skills. Dragonholt lives and changes around you, and the tale may take unexpcted twists and turns due to your decisions and achievements. No two stories will be the same! Will you save the young lord, or let him perish? Defeat the dragon, or watch the village burn? Adventure awaits, so gather your friends, create your character, and dive into the rich world of the Runebound universe! Are you ready to tell your story?

• 1 Rulebook
• 1 Character Creation Book
• 6 Quest Books
• 1 Village Book
• 1 Letter
• 1 Map
• 1 Journal
• 20 Item Cards
• 6 Activation Tokens
• 6 Character Sheets

Dane techniczne

Rodzaj gry Fantasy, Przygodowa, Storytelling, RPG
Liczba graczy 1-6
Wiek 14+
Czas jednej rozgrywki 90 minut
Wydanie angielskie
Instrukcja angielska
Wymiary pudełka 300x250x60 mm

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