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Farby Army Painter - Różne Kolory

Farby Army Painter - Różne Kolory
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Każda farba jest sprzedawana w firmowym pojemniku o pojemności 18 ml.

Oryginalny opis producenta:

18ml eyedropper bottles of acrylic non toxic water based paint for use on plastics, metals, resin ect. Shake well before use.

The Warpaints range of high pigment colours can be used for miniatures from any period, any size and any system. Get your army painted fast using the Army Painter System and get more time for gaming!



WP1101 Matt Black, WP1443 Necromancer Cloak, WP1430 Hardened Carapace, WP1425 Dark Stone, WP1414 Cultist Robe, WP1481 Field Grey, WP1407 Castle Grey, WP1418 Dungeon Grey, WP1118 Uniform Grey, WP1117 Ash Grey, WP1455 Stone Golem, WP1454 Spaceship Exterior, WP1406 Brainmatter Beige, WP1102 Matt White, WP1404 Banshee Brown, WP1434 Kobold Skin, WP1431 Hemp Rope, WP1412 Crusted Sore, WP1463 Wasteland Soil, WP1444 Grimoire Purple, WP1422 Orc Blood, WP1451 Warlock Purple, WP1447 Pixie Pink, WP1480 Scar Tissue, WP1408 Centaur Skin, WP1411 Corpse Pale, WP1440 Mummy Robes, WP1421 Elven Flesh, WP1126 Barbarian Flesh, WP1127 Tanned Flesh, WP1122 Fur Brown, WP1405 Basilisk Brown, WP1121 Desert Yellow, WP1459 Troll Claws, WP1125 Skeleton Bone, WP1441 Mutant Hue, WP1457 Toxic Boils, WP1445 Oozing Purple, WP1128 Alien Purple, WP1142 Chaotic Red, WP1401 Abomination Gore, WP1460 Vampire Red, WP1105 Dragon Red, WP1104 Pure Red, WP1436 Mars Red, WP1106 Lava Orange, WP1442 Mythical Orange, WP1426 Fire Lizard, WP1446 Phoenix Flames, WP1107 Daemonic Yellow, WP1403 Babe Blonde, WP1438 Moon Dust, WP1402 Arid Earth, WP1465 Witch Brew, WP1448 Poisonous Cloud, WP1433 Jungle Green, WP1453 Snake Scales, WP1109 Goblin Green, WP1111 Greenskin, WP1409 Combat Fatigues, WP1424 Filthy Cape, WP1110 Army Green, WP1410 Commando Green, WP1461 Venom Wyrm, WP1413 Crypt Wraith, WP1112 Angel Green, WP1420 Elf Green, WP1439 Mouldy Clothes, WP1450 Scaly Hide, WP1108 Necrotic Flesh, WP1417 Drake Tooth, WP1116 Deep Blue, WP1437 Toxic Mist, WP1449 Royal Cloak, WP1141 Hydra Turquoise, WP1466 Wizards Orb, WP1419 Elemental Bolt, WP1115 Ultramarine Blue, WP1462 Viking Blue, WP1114 Crystal Blue, WP1458 Troglodyte Blue, WP1452 Voidshield Blue, WP1429 Griffon Blue, WP1113 Electric Blue, WP1432 Ice Storm, WP1428 Gorgon Hide, WP1427 Fog Grey, WP1435 Kraken Skin, WP1119 Wolf Grey, WP1415 Dark Sky, WP1472 Brush On Primer, WP1476 Glistening Blood, WP1479 Dry Rust, WP1478 Wet Mud, WP1477 Disgusting Slime, WP1471 Quickshade Military Shader Ink, WP1137 Quickshade Green Tone Ink, WP1140 Quickshade Purple Tone Ink, WP1139 Quickshade Blue Tone Ink, WP1136 Quickshade Dark Tone Ink, WP1134 Quickshade Soft Tone Ink, WP1135 Quickshade Strong Tone Ink, WP1138 Quickshade Red Tone Ink, WP1143 Quickshade Flesh Wash Ink, WP1469 Quickshade Mid Brown Ink, WP1470 Quickshade Light Tone Ink, WP1103 Anti-Shine Matt Varnish, WP1474 Quickshade Wash Mixing Medium, WP1475 Warpaints Mixing Medium, WP1473 Gloss Varnish, WP1124 Oak Brown, WP1120 Monster Brown, WP1416 Dirt Splatter, WP1464 Werewolf Fur, WP1123 Leather Brown, WP1456 Sulfide Ochre, WP1144 Bright Gold, WP1132 Greedy Gold, WP1467 True Copper, WP1133 Weapon Bronze, WP1129 Shining Silver, WP1130 Plate Mail Metal, WP1131 Gun Metal, WP1468 Rough Iron

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