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Captain S.O.N.A.R. - Upgrade One Expansion

Captain S.O.N.A.R. - Upgrade One Expansion
Captain S.O.N.A.R. - Upgrade One Expansion
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Captain S.O.N.A.R. (Sonar) - dodatek

Oryginalny opis wydawcy:

The silent war that rages beneath the waves intensifies and takes a radical and...strange...turn.

The engineers at Archer Inc., the most powerful weapons conglomerate in the world, have discovered new, innovative materials and heretofore unknown energy sources in the deepest and most secret of oceans.

Thanks to tremendous research and development progress in recent months, the submarines now carry unstable weapon prototypes. On the fringe of abyssal war, exploration vessels take advantage of these emerging technologies to dive ever deeper and find new navigational routes.

• 20 Large Role Sheets
For each team:
- 5 Captain sheets (1 for each scenario)
- 5 Radio operator Sheets (1 for each scenario)
• 2 Weapons Sheets
• 8 Erasable Markers

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Captain Sonar is required to play.

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